Camera functions for raspberry.

class, cfgbase='camera', **kwargs)

Bases: object

Capture camera frames on raspberry and publish them to the network.

  • core (object) – Core instance.
  • cfgbase (str) – Configuration entry for this unit.
  • kwargs (dict) – Keyword arguments that will be merged into the config.

Required core units:

  • mqtt


  • base: Base for topics (str).
  • flip: Tuple of bools if to do vflip or hflip.
  • framerate: Number of frames to capture per second (int).
  • address: I2C address of the device (int).
  • framerate: Normal output frequency in milliseconds (int).
  • slowinterval: Slow frequency in milliseconds (int).

Output topics:

  • base + live: Camera frames captured with maximum speed as jpeg.
  • base + 0.1fps: Camera frames captured with 0.1 fps as jpeg.

Entry point for camera feeder.