Driver for BME280 devices.

class mauzr.hardware.bme280.Driver(core, cfgbase='bme280', **kwargs)

Bases: mauzr.hardware.driver.DelayedPollingDriver

Driver for BME280 devices.

  • core (object) – Core instance.
  • cfgbase (str) – Configuration entry for this unit.
  • kwargs (dict) – Keyword arguments that will be merged into the config.

Required core units:

  • i2c
  • mqtt


  • base (str) - Topic base for the sensor.
  • address (int) - I2C address of the sensor.
  • interval (int) - Fetch interval in milliseconds.
  • corrections (tuple) - A tuple of three values that
    will be added to humidity, pressure and temperature readings before publish. These values may be None, integer for humidity and pressure and float for the temperature.

Output Topics:

  • /humidity (B) - humidity in %.
  • /pressure (!I) - pressure in Pascal.
  • /temperature (!f) - Termperature im °C.